Get Details Of Google Play Customer Service and Google Play Toll Free Phone Number

Google Play – is a digital service operate and developed by Google , for Android operating system it works as official app store which helps the Android users to  browse and download applications as per their preference or usage for the available options .It works as a digital store offering music , books , magazines , movies and television programmes as well . They can be downloaded directly an Android device through the play store mobile app or one can also develop the application from the Google play website, however as it is widely used there are couple of problems also associated with the same which can be taken care at an individual end or one can take help from the Google play customer service support.

Google play technical support team – as Google store is widely used there can some concerns related the same which can be taken care through the Google Play help forum which consists of the members who are experts or one can take the following steps


Google Play Store Troubleshooting Steps

  • Sign in order to get help online click on get help option
  • One has to select the concern which is being faced
  • Select the specific issue one take the steps mention on the website or if the option is available can call the Google play technical support number the expert who will answer the call will make sure that the concern is completely dealt in the shortest period of time
  • In some concern one can also has the option for the email and the live chat that all depends on the concern which is being faced.

Fix Google Play Store Won’t Open, Load or Download App Issues

How to fix play store won’t open , load or download app issue – in case if the individual is facing these concern one can take the following steps

First and Foremost check that the your internet connection is working properly even it is Wi-Fi or mobile data


  1. Clear the cache and data of the play store
  • Go on the settings
  • Look for the option Google play store
  • Go on the storage option and then click clear cache
  • Hit on clear data
  • Re- open the play store and try to download again
  1. Restart the device –If you are still facing some concern and not able to download and in order to do so follow the steps
  • Press and hold the same till all the apps closes and menu app also
  • Click on power off and restart the device
  • Click on ok or the conformation

How to Reinstall and Re-Enable Applications in Google Play Store

How to reinstall and re-enable apps in Google play –the individual has the option to reinstall the apps without paying for the same again can be done on computer as well as on the android phone , kindly follow the steps mentioned below:-


  • On your device look for the option Google play store app
  • In the menu –click on My apps and games and then on library
  • Amongst the option available look for the ones you want to install
  • Click on install .

In case if you face some concern or you are not able to install the same , one can seek help from the Google Play Tech Support number .


  • Initially open Google play store app
  • Hit on Apps and then My apps
  • Look for the app you want to install
  • Hit on install at times you have to sign in to your Google Account
  • Hit on install

Even after taking the steps mentioned above if you are not able to install the same, one can seek extended help from Google Play Tech Support phone number.

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